About Us

-About Our Facility
Dynamic Physical Therapy was founded in 1993. We are a physical therapy owned facility. The proprietors are Michael Hadjiyane, P.T., and John P.J. Smith, P.T., They are the professionals that will be evaluating, developing a treatment plan and setting goals to obtain full recovery from your injury or dysfunction. In addition, Michael and John perform all treatments. They also re-evaluate deficits and update goals on a regular basis.

Michael and John progress the patient as tolerated. We strive to obtain goals quickly, proficiently, and safely.

Mission Statement

To Evaluate our patients pain and physical deficits. Create objective goals with the assistance of the patient and re-evaluate these goals every 2-4 weeks. All of the aforementioned are to be completed in a professional and friendly envireonment.


New Physical Therapy Law
Direct Access
If you have an injury or pain you can be treated by a P.T. without seeing a doctor first and there is also no need for a P.T. prescription.